the-end-posterSo this month at camp WAWT has been about rehearsing our new songs; we have a lot of them. It’s been hard work, but we’re getting there, we’re gonna have album #3 in the can by the end of this year, it’s pretty exciting.

To celebrate, and to get out and shake loose just a little we have 2 more small shows to announce, they’re both a bit different: west side, north side to begin with, plus I’m sure we’ll all wear different clothes and throw a few jazz chords in where you’re least expecting them. Here goes:


Tim and Skye had a killer double-set at Padre recently, lots of covers, lots of mixing it up, it was fun. So they’re doing it again.

The End
73 Vulture St West End
Tuesday June 15th, 8.00pm. Free entry.

FB event here


We’re doing 3 sets at this super-slim ultra-hip uber-northside Friday night hot-spot! Forget the valley, get yourself to the alley. This one will be great, by all accounts the venue is fantastic.

Cardigan Bar
Seymour St, Sandgate
Friday August 8th, 8.00pm. $5.00 entry.

FB event here