About P1

PLUS ONE RECORDS is an small Australian independent label run by Simon Homer and Denise Foley, formerly of the coolest record bar in Oz: Skinny's Music (vale).

Our current and past roster of Australian acts include and have included: Black Mustang, The Blackwater Fever, Charlie Horse, Giants of Science, Halfway, The Heartache State, The Gin Club, Intercooler, Inland Sea, Iron On, Jeremy Hunter, Mary Trembles, Mexico City, Rollerball, Roz Pappalardo and the Wayward Gentlemen, The Painted Ladies, Luke Daniel Peacock, Rattlehand, The Smokestack Orchestra, The Slowpush, Silent Feature Era, Texas Tea, The Gin Club and Women In Docs - with more to come in 2016 and beyond.

Plus One has been an integral participant in the Australian community of independent artists since 2004 and is slowly building a strong working group of artists.

The label has released over 60 full-length albums since its inception.

Our CDs and vinyl are physically distributed within Australia and New Zealand by MGM; in the EU by Sonic Rendezvous; and in the rest of the world through US based company CD Baby. All digital aggregators are serviced through CD Baby and MGM and our music is available worldwide.

Plus One Records also has a publishing deal in Australia through Native Tongue, Australia and worldwide publishing through Sugaroo, USA.

Music placements for Plus One acts have included prime time shows Entourage, the Shield, The Unit, Vampire Dairies, Supernatural, Californication, 90210, Degrassi High as well as local productions: Police Rescue, Bondi Rescue, Recruits and more recently Bikie Wars.

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