GOS_WWWYAW_Cover_WEBPure of heart and short of coin but with skills as mad as ever, Brisbane’s vaguely- remembered (by some) sons Giants Of Science have returned and released a new EP, entitled ‘WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU AND WHY’, the bands first release of new tracks since 2005.

This sunny and cheerfully titles offering was expertly recorded by the excellent Darek Mudge at his studio in Albion QLD. the release includes four new songs, one of which has a profanity (fucked) in the title, which is a bit fun.

Since their last full length release, the totally awesome LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR, rated by Rolling Stone as one of ‘Australia’s greatest live album ever’, healthy drummer and all-round good guy Steve Lynagh has invented a new internet (he calls it “Steve’s Internet”), Tuitey has seen High On Fire once and missed them twice, Tanzie has moved closer than ever to deification, and everybody’s old mate Saltz has gotten glasses, they look good.

The band will keeping to tradition and doing sporadic and poorly organized shows around Australia and we’ll be taking tracks 4 Towers Of Toowong to radio, so request away people, don’t hide your love to Giants Of Science. Apparently guitar is the new black so with the reputation that Giants Of Science are way better than anybody else’s band, best watch out because they’re back.

  • NOV 8 Triffid Newstead QLD with guests The Gin Club + special guests
  • NOV 28 maybe something in Sydney
  • NOV 29 somewhere in the ‘Gong’