The Gin Club – LIVE



It’s been two years since the release of Deathwish, the band’s critically acclaimed fourth album. The band have continued to cement their reputation as an unmissable live act with a series of tours, including last year’s winter shows with feted Melbourne goth-soul outfit Harmony, as well as a memorable series of Christmas shows featuring another visit from Swedish multi instrumentalist Ola Karlsson. They have also been busy with other projects – along with the usual jobs/kids/mercenary careers, Ben Salter and Ola Karlsson both released their debut albums, while Gus Agars and Dan Mansfield toured with Tex Perkins and You Am I respectively. Now The Club are set to release their first live album, appropriately titled The Gin Club Live. Funded via crowd sourcing site IndieGoGo, the album has been assembled from a stockpile of live recordings that the band have amassed over their eight year history, and includes performances at The East Brunswick Club in Melbourne, Brisbane’s Troubadour, and Hobart’s The Brisbane Hotel, to name a few.

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12" Vinyl, CD