The Gin Club launch their 4th long player with shows in SYDNEY and MELBOURNE this weekend, finish clip and special guests with The Doctor on J’s

The Gin Club invite you to celebrate the release of their new record, DEATHWISH, as they launch the album in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend, shortly followed by a series of special intimate shows at the Troubadour in Brisbane.
The albums second track to radio PENNIES after last year’s RAIN is a definite step forward for the group and is one of the collective’s most blatantly pieces of ‘rock’ material – written and sang by the European contingent of the group, Ola Karlsson, the Big Star inspired PENNIES is getting plenty of radio spins and now the clip is finally upon us and will be hopefully at TV next week, for the time being you can check it out here (best viewed at 720p which is HD)

And to cap off the start of a big weekend, the band will be visiting The Doctor on JJJ Friday June 18 for a trip down memory lane and possibly a couple of live tracks, tune in to the J’s from around 3 and get to hear what tracks the band members have been listening to of late.

Join The Gin Club as they launch DEATHWISH in Sydney and Melbourne this week, plus three very special shows at the Troubadour in Brisbane where each night will feature a different set list, including songs requested by fans and a different line up of outstanding support acts.

To request Pennies on Triple J go to: