[singlepic=249,320,240,,right]Record & clip launch!

119 Lamington Rd, New Farm, Bris
6 – 7.15 pm

with Freddie Shortjoe (from Pormpuraaw, Gulf of Carpentaria) and Welcome to Country, Kargun “Mooj” Fogarty

We’d love to see you there. It’s gonna be a special afternoon..

Country Music Channel (pay tv)

Apparently Country Music Channel have been playing our filmclip – now THAT’S exciting!

If you’d like to request the clip, just head on over to Country Music Channel, click Request, register yourself on their site, then request “I Say Fall” …. by us!

Click HERE to take a look and listen to the clip.

Online sales – iTunes & CD Baby

We are also excited to announce the album, “This Lifeboat” is now available on iTunes. Buy as an album or individual songs…Go HERE to browse or buy or whatever!

Go to cdbaby to grab a copy of “This Lifeboat” or any of women in docs’ catalogue. It’s easy, it’s cheap!


The Waywards and I have been sitting in the Top 20 of the All Australian Country Charts (AAA radio) for about 3 weeks now. Yay! Take a look at the other cool Aussie artists in this list. AAA

Waywards on Facebook

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Thanks so much! See you on the 20th.

Ciao ciao. xoxo

Roz and the waywards