Plus One Records is proud to announce three shows of mind bending rock and roll and over the top antics.

Legends of Motorsport Tour with Special Guests Giants of Science + HITS
January 7 – Sands Tavern – Maroochydore
January 8 – Step Inn – Brisbane
January 9 – Del Plaza – Southport

[singlepic=266,320,240,,right]GIANTS OF SCIENCE
Brisbane’s rock and roll sons, Giants of Science have taken up arms once again, and are venturing forth to conquer. 2009 saw them release the blistering Live at The Troubadour, and now they’re taking that same live energy to stages once again. A Brisbane rock band of no small reputation, Giants have been trading in high volume, riffy, IHR (Intelligent Hard Rock) since 1999. Have supported McLusky, the MC3 (Dennis/Kramer/Turner), Radio Birdman, The Bellrays, Front End Loader and heaps of others. They’ll also be playing Brisbane’s benefit show for Dean Turner of Magic Dirt at the Zoo on December 19 plus Giants will be supporting the exceptional Future Of The Left at The Zoo Sunday Jan 3 .

“The best live heavy rock band in the world” – Tim Rogers, You Am I

Legends of Motorsport
Legends have been kicking against the Australian rock orthodoxy whilst still managing to blow wannabes off stage and outta town with their truly unique mix of Farfisa organ bluster and bottom end guitar bludgeon as either visitors from Tasmania, or now as fully fledged blow ins, since way back in the mid nineties.

With a string of performances at various Big Days Out, Merediths, and other big parties, their reputation for driving over guitars with cars during shows, destroying perfectly good tambourines, choreographing falling down drunk and various other pool-room worthy antics precedes them.

Their new album Yeah Uh Huh will be getting launched into space on this tour, come and put the pedal to the metal!

[singlepic=274,320,240,,right]While some acts seek to represent a generation, Hits are agents of degeneration. Living With You Is Killing Me is a compilation of all the thoughts, all the sounds and all the drinks that your average pilgrim can find in the gutters and backstreets of Brisbane. This is not an offering for polite society.

It is not a record for the helpless. It is a prayer for the hopeful, a work of liquor and succor drafted by our dirtiest garage prophets. Hits have come down from the mountain to save souls and defile sensibilities.

With or without consent. Living With You Is Killing Me will be launched at the Step Inn on the 4th of December, and Giants of Science will be there to help out, before both bands head out with the Legends.