Attention Citizens (and illegal aliens)! Plus One is proud to announce the inaugural (which means keep an eye out for more of 'em) Plus One Showcase!

Take a peek at what we've got in store. Launching their brand new heavyweight album Submarine, Rollerball are primed to explode.

Along for the ride are Mexico City, who've just themselves released Brown Bird, The Blackwater Fever with their monstrous two piece thunder, and Black Mustang with pedal to the metal rock and roll. Rounding out this epic performance will be Scarecrow Wallace of The Smokestack Orchestra spinning a plethora of choice tunes as DJ.

What more could you ask for? Well here's something anyway! The first hundred folks through the door will score a copy of The Australianacity of Hope, the Plus One Compilation CD. Get on board NOW at, or at the door of The Zoo on 11th of July.

Oh yes folks. This month is all about the guitar. But that's not all there is.
We've got overseas jaunts, local shows, interviews and all sorts of fun stuff.
Let's get stuck in.

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It's here! Rollerball's Submarine has breached the surface and is training its torpedo sights on stereos across the country. A launch tour is booked in, the lads should be in your neighborhood soon! We had a chat to guitar man Dave Talon about the latest in Rollerball's arsenal...

+1: How has Rollerball's sound evolved with Submarine?
Dave Talon: SUBMARINE sees us surface back into the world of Earthy raw production that we were sucked out of by the Juggernaut that is Mark Opitz on our last album OVERSIZE. That is the real difference with this record. I'd like to think that you could mix our past releases up and any song from any record could sit comfortably next to any other. In other words, I don't think we have progressed or regressed other the years. We just do what we do.

+1: Matty has some pretty surreal lyrics. Do you ever look over at him while he's singing and think "what the hell did he just say"?
DT: He is definitely a surrealist. Matt has a unique style, he doesn't always deliver what would usually be considered a one lined message in a typical phrase. You have to sometimes step back & examine his lyrics in a different mindset. He has a wild imagination and I think this contributes us being a bit more unique than your average rock band.

+1: I see you're heading back to Warrnambool again. Have you warned the local police in advance?
DT: HAHA!! They are a crazy Mob down there. Last time we had a sellout show at "the Loft" it was wild and my clearest memory was the bouncers begging us to stop. They really earned their money.


The Texas Tea French Tour is mere weeks away from kicking off and everyone at Plus One headquarters is mightily excited. We had a coffee and a chat with Kate Jacobson to discuss the French language and sad songs...

+1: What's the most important thing to know how to say in French when you're on tour?
Kate Jacobson: How to order your drinks! That's really important. But apart from that, just being polite enough to have people help you. I think the French are quite helpful but they do appreciate you being nice about it. I think the problem I had last time was all I knew was “I don't understand” and “do you speak English?”

+1: Texas Tea have a pair of quite chilling love songs, 'Daredevil's Lament' and 'Ferry Song'. When you're performing them live do you get in the mindset of the characters?
KJ: I do. I can't speak for Ben, he actually wrote both those songs. I don't know if he does but I know when I heard them I was like, “wow, they're amazing.” And because I didn't write the lyrics it's easy for me to be the character. It's almost like acting I suppose. There was a time when we first started performing 'Daredevil's Lament' that I'd be holding back the tears at the end of the song, because it's so beautiful and well written.

+1: What's the best and worst thing about touring a two piece, gear light band?
KJ: I don't know if we're 'gear light' band, that's the worst thing! We practically have as much gear as a full band and we have to lug it with just two people. The best thing is the camaraderie that Ben and I have when we're on the road, we're such buddies and we've got each other's backs, especially when we're in countries where you don't speak the language.

+1: What music are you a fan of that Texas Tea fans might be surprised to hear?
KJ: I really like Cypress Hill! I just bought Black Sunday again. I just thought, “man that was a great album!” I listened to it all the time when I was a teenager, but I've really been revisiting that whole 90's rap thing.

Texas Tea will be playing the Q Song Awards in Brisbane on the 11th of August when they return.


MARY TREMBLES have been cutting a swathe of destruction across the States, playing a cracking showcase set at North By Northwest before pounding New York into rubble, Godzilla style. As we speak they've got their sights set on Los Angeles, before they return home to a hero's welcome and ticker tape parade. Maybe. Skritch will also be playing a solo set along with Smokestack Orchestra bandmate Scarecrow Wallace at the Troubadour on the 5th of August.

GIANTS OF SCIENCE spent an afternoon in the studio recently, laying down some brand new tracks. Also, keep your ears peeled for a live album, recorded recently at the Troubadour!

GIN CLUB'S Ben Salter has hit the European Continent with a vengeance too, playing a couple of solo shows in Stockholm, and is due to join Texas Tea at the Binic Blues & Folk Festival in France in August. If you're stuck down here in the Antipodes, you can catch Mr Adrian Stoyles at a bunch of solo shows around Melbourne this month, including a residency at The Gem.
5 July – Bar Open – Fitzroy
7 July – The Gem – Collingwood
12 July – The Empress – North Fitzroy
14 July – The Gem – Collingwood
21 July – The Gem – Collingwood
28 July – The Gem - Collingwood

BLACK MUSTANG have been nominated for a Q Song Award in the alternative category. The award ceremony is on the 11th of August. Fingers crossed! Come along to the Plus One Showcase to show your support! They'll also be playing at the Step Inn on 11th of October with The Stem. It's that band's last ever Queensland show, so get along.

THE SMOKESTACK ORCHESTRA  are gearing up to start recording again, with a deluge of new songs waiting to swamp the studio. Expect some more cast iron rhythms and coal fired riffs to be heading your way soon! They'll be playing the In The Flesh Festival at The Fort on the 18th of July, and don't forget, Scarecrow and Skritch will each be playing solo sets at the Troubadour on the 5th of August. And Scarecrow will be guest DJ at the +1 Showcase.

BWF finished off their epic tour of Oz this month, which included appearing at the epic Brisbane Sounds show at the Zoo. They'll be back there for the Showcase. On the 30th of August they'll be at the Brisbane Powerhouse with Lovers of Modern Art.

So you're not in Brisbane for the Showcase? Not to worry! The 'Ball are heading your way on the SUBMARINE TOUR.

11 July – The Zoo – Brisbane +1 SHOWCASE
17 July – The Loft – Warrnambool
18 July – The Tote – Melbourne
1 Aug – Woombye Pub – Sunshine Coast
14 Aug – Bon Amici – Toowoomba
15 Aug – Shark Bar – Gold Coast
28 Aug – The Excelsior – Sydney
29 Aug – The Basement – Canberra

Plus One's latest addition has a plethora of shows booked for the year. Here's a couple of nearby dates to keep ya satisfied. Keep posted for detail's on Roz's Powerhouse residency in November.
4 July – QPAC Forecourt – Brisbane (free)
27 Aug – Treasury Casino – Brisbane
28 & 29 Aug – Gympie Muster – Gympie
3 Sept – Treasury Casino – Brisbane
27 Sept – Brisbane City Council Library – Brisbane

These lads are getting around the East Coast this month. Brown Bird received a heap of praise in last month's music press, and MC are going to capitalise on it by getting in everyone's face. This includes an August Powerhouse residency! On top of this the fellas managed to get nominated in the People's Choice category of the Q Song Awards. And People's Choice mean you guys can help them out with this one! Voting for this starts on the 16th of July and goes to the 19th. Head to to lend a hand!

4 July – The Excelsior – Sydney
10 July – The Old Bar – Melbourne
11 July – The Zoo – Brisbane +1 SHOWCASE
7, 14, 21, 28 Aug – Powerhouse – Brisbane (all shows at 6:30 and are free!)


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