News, February 2009
Oh, the things we have for you this month! We've got two new releases to announce, a bunch of international shows coming up as well as some super-rare, practically secret stuff going on. And a super sweet new regular feature, interviews with your favourite Plus One bands, beginning this week with Mary Trembles and The Smokestack Orchestra.
Let's get into it!

This month's big news is the arrival of Brisbane / Gold Coast classic rock monsters Rollerball into the Plus One fold.

Having spent more than a decade cranking out mega riffs for eager fans, The 'Ball have finally found their home back with past Rhythm Ace label mates Giants of Science and Intercooler.

Coming with them is the deep diving might of their new album Submarine. Recorded at Black Box in Brisbane with Jeff Lovejoy (Mary Trembles, Smokestack Orchestra, Black Mustang, Blackwater Fever and a hell of a lot more), Submarine is a return to the older, heavier 'Ball sound.

To celebrate and make them officially part of the family, Plus One is hosting a showcase/launch, with the lads playing alongside Mexico City, Blackwater Fever and Black Mustang. The 11th of July is the date, and the Zoo is the place!

You can get tickets through Oztix too! If you can't wait that long, the 'Ball will be at Rosies in Brisbane City on the 26th of June with Shellfin, Mick Medew & the Rumours (ex-Screaming Tribesmen) and F1-Elevens.

To get a taste of Submarine before it hits stores, head to the Plus One site where it's are available now!


Brisbane's favourite gringos are in the midst of their launch tour for Brown Bird, which is well and truly out. Pick yourself up a copy at any self respecting music outlet or head to the Plus One website to order on line.

There's still a few shows left in the tour so keep an eye out; Brisbane folks should take note that the boys will be in residence at the Powerhouse in August, every Friday night.

• 19 June – Step Inn – Brisbane
• 4 July – Excelsior Hotel – Sydney
• 10 July – The Old Bar – Melbourne
• 11 July – The Zoo – Brisbane


Ben and Kate are well and truly fired up for their trip across the pond, the second in a year! After some cracking shows over the last few months, there's only a couple more chances for hometown fans to check them out before they jet off.

The Troubadour show will be with WA folk weirdster Fletch, definitely worth checking out.

• 14 June – Powerhouse – Brisbane (3pm)
• 19 June – Troubadour – Brisbane
• 3 July – QPAC Courtyard – Brisbane (all ages)
• 29 July – Le Sambre – Rennes, France
• 30 July – Le Cafe Du Theatre – Dinan, France
• 31 July – TBA – Yvignac-la-Tour, France
• 1 Aug – Binic Folk Blues Festival – Binic, France
• 2 Aug – Binic Folk Blues Festival – Binic, France
• 3 Aug – Le Galion – Lorient, France
• 4 Aug – La Marine – Quai Portrieux, France
• 5 Aug – Les Bains – Le Val Andre, France
• 6 Aug – Chez Meme – Quimper, France
• 7 Aug – La Guimbarde – St Hilaire Du Harcouet, France
• 14 Aug – Judith Wright Center – Brisbane (Not France)
• 26 Sept – Sounds of Spring Festival – Brisbane


Our next new entry is Roz Pappalardo, one half of Women In Docs, and her brand spankin' new outfit, The Wayward Gentlemen.

Bringing her secret, personality to the fore, Roz's album has been produced by Brisbane production luminary Magoo and features Plus One's own Ben Salter (Gin Club, Giants of Science) on guest vocals. It's not out until August but we thought we'd give you guys a heads up, so you can check out The Gentlemen and their leading lady at one of them many shows they have coming up.

• 4 June – Treasury Casino – Brisbane
• 11 June – Treasury Casino – Brisbane
• 30 June – The Tank – Cairns
• 1 July – The Tank – Cairns
• 4 July – QPAC Courtyard – Brisbane (all ages)
• 27 August – Treasury Casino – Brisbane

.. and a lot more!
Check for later in the year, including a Powerhouse residency in November, and the Gympie Muster in August.


May saw The Smokestack Orchestra colluding with Sydney cohorts Gay Paris for an evening of blistering, gravel spitting rock and roll that is in the process of being projected southwards.

Keep posted for details of these shows, and more with Melbourne's (formerly Brisbane's) Matt Sonic. In the meantime they'll be at The Troubadour on the 13th of June with controversial locals HITS and brothers in arms New Jack Rubys.

Also coming up is an appearance at In The Flesh, a mini festival at the Fort in Brisbane on the 18th of July, featuring a whole shipload of different acts.

+1: How's 2009 been treating the Orchestra?
Scarecrow Wallace (vocals, guitar): It's been awesome! We've had some cracking shows, met all kinds of wierdos, and some radio station in the States (K-JACK) has put our song 'Tractor' on rotation.
+1: Can we expect new tunes any time soon?
SW: Well, we've got nearly a whole new album's worth of songs ready to go. We've been playing most of them live, so if you want a listen, come on down.
+1: How's the new stuff sound?
SW: Heavy, groovy, very Smokestack. We've got an historical epic, a political thriller, a sadistic love story... jeez this sounds more like a book collection than a song collection.


BM showcased a bunch of new songs and trucked out a platter of older rare ones at a Club Blink show last month, so keep your ears keen for signs of new material.

They'll also be heading down into the treacherous reaches of northern New South Wales in July:

Bellingen on the 4th and Lismore on the 5th.

Stand by for details!


The Blackwater boys have a couple of shows coming up to, one of which is the 'Kick a Hole In The Sky' You Am I tribute night at the Troubadour.

Also along for the ride in paying homage to Uncle Tim Rogers and Friends are Speedstar, The Rocketsmiths, the Daisycutters and Andrew Petersen of Shutterspeed.

Check it out on the 5th of June. Blackwater Fever will also be at Ric's the day after along with Sabrina Lawrie of Little Vegas & the Fuzz Parade.

• 5 June – Troubadour – Brisbane (You Am I Tribute night)
• 6 June – Ric's – Brisbane
• 25 June – Brass Monkey – Cronulla
• 26 June – The Annandale – Sydney (with Bertie Blackman)
• 27 June – Heritage Hotel – Bulli


Big news for Skritch and Co. this month! They've been picked to represent awesomeness at this year's North by North East Festival in Toronto.

While they're on that side of the globe, they'll be stopping in at a little town called New York City for a few shows too. If you're reading this in Americaland, this is your chance to check out some A1, top shelf, gold class rock and roll!

For Aussies who want to wish them good luck, come along to the Step Inn on the 5th of June.

+1: What has the new lineup meant for Mary Trembles?
Skritch (vocals, guitar): It's totally re-invigorated the band. Not only is the old stuff sounding better than ever, but our general excitement levels are at an all time high! We're stoked to be going overseas again, taking Mary Trembles to the world, and we're really looking forward to extensive touring in Australia when we return.

+1: What's the game plan for ripping the Yanks a new one?
Skritch: In typical Mary Trembles style we've prepared a raucous set, and we'll be previewing it this Friday at the Step Inn!

Gin Club fans! And everyone else, for that matter. This Thursday the 4th of June, at Brisbane's Step Inn Frontbar, Ben Salter and Conor Macdonald of the Gin Club will be performing something special. Both will be playing solo sets, and then collaborating to bring their Megafauna project to life.

They'll also be selling the previously unavailable Megafauna album! We know it's a school night but this is going to be a corker!

Intercooler fans, don't despair! The lads have a brand new video clip set to launch on the telly, or you modern types can head to the internet to check it out there. It was put together by none other than Giants of Science drummer Steve Lynagh!

There's also a couple of new tunes being loaded into the cannon, ready for launching! Both Phil and Joel are Melbourne residents at the mo', so watch out for some intimate duo-types shows on the horizon.


Amateurs acting like Professionals

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