Knievel re-enter fray and re-relocate

Stunned by the discovery that some journalists were under the impression that they had broken up, Sydney pop, rock and roll group Knievel have moved to hose down speculation and reassure fans and shareholders alike that nothing could be further from the truth.

Whilst they have had a short dormant period over the last decade, the band have explained that it was purely due to a misunderstanding, which has only recently been brought to light.

In a move that band members now admit was ill-advised, the group relocated to Brooklyn to immerse themselves in the vibrant music scene. Some time after their move, it became apparent to the band that the music scene was conspicuously quiet and there were very few hip new bands or bars in the area.

Alarm bells rang when it was discovered that there was a second Brooklyn in the US and it was considerably more famous than the town north of Sydney on the Hawkesbury River.

On closer inspection of the internet, the truth was revealed – the band had simply moved to the wrong Brooklyn and a short missive was sent out by band management apportioning blame to a local real estate agent who had described the area as ‘vibrant’.

Knievel have relocated back to Sydney to coincide with the release of their new album Emerald City, available now from all good CD and online music retail stores.

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